WeShow was an online video aggregator that surfaced the web in 2007.

Created and developed by Marcos Wettreich, Bruno Parodi & Fritz von Runte, it originally featured three subsections: WeShow Videos with videos selected by editors; WeShow Awards, where viewers could vote for the best videos; and WeShow TV, an original production with presenters showing and commenting the best videos of the day from 21 different categories.

This is a repository for these shows, and a tribute to the people who made them.

The Team

Executive Producer/Project Manager: Fritz von Runte
Set Producer: Marcial Renato
Director :Thiago Flores
Assistant Director: Malu Tostes
Editing: Daniel Gontijo, Antonio Tolipan & José Eduardo Pachá
3D and After Effects: Ricardo Brizio & André Bremer
Texts: Luciana Moletta, Alex Catto & Mariana Valle
Content and processing: Diego Alvarez & Liana Fernandes
General Services Manager: Marcelo


Pollyana Simões, Stefania Fernandes, Josh Cashill, Laura Grant, Helen Clegg, Samantha Gilbert, Juliana Nasciutti, Debora Pucci, Sue Chester...